2022 DOG's Monthly Feng Shui Forecast

Monthly Feng Shui Forecast, Horoscope & Luck Analysis for Chinese Zodiac Dog in the Year of the Water Tiger 2022

Monthly Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast 2022 for Dog

Those with Zodiac sign Dog are born in Chinese Lunar Year 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 and 2018

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1st Month (4th-Feb to 5th-Mar 2022)
DOG's Monthly Luck Rating – BAD

This is a challenging month for Dogs, but the Tiger, your horoscope buddy, and the year's governing sign protect you from overstepping boundaries in your relationships. Stay away from anybody who annoys you since the #3 Hostile star makes you irritable and hot-tempered. This is a month to keep to yourself, so avoid collaborations and partnerships. Carry the Magical Cosmic Apple Amulet Feng Shui Keychain with you to keep any disagreement under control. Stay out of problems at work and avoid verbal fighting with coworkers.

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Because luck isn't on your side this month, don't depend on interpersonal abilities. Money luck is good, but you lack the enthusiasm and motivation to put it to good use. Confrontations and pointless conversations are not productive. Concentrate on your task and perform the best you can. Avoid criticizing others around you; instead, do your investigation. Those in competitive settings will benefit from carrying the 28 Hums Protection Lotus Amulet Feng Shui Keychain.

Single dogs should give up looking for love until the month is finished, while married dogs should avoid arguing. If this happens, eat the humble pie to avoid a larger argument. Because the energy surrounding you disrupt the peace between yourself and other household members, put down a red carpet and display a Magical Cosmic Red Apple in the Northwest area of your home. Keep music and noise out of this area.
Students should reorganize their calendars to make the most of their time. Instead of wasting time on extracurricular activities, begin projects and study early as deadlines become more difficult to achieve. Carry the Manjushri Wisdom Stupa Feng Shui Amulet Keychain.


2nd Month (6th-Mar to 4th-Apr 2022)
DOG's Monthly Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

This is the month to strategize and put off taking action until next month. Because the Illness star drains your energy and you have a low level of Life Force and Spirit Essence. The Illness star also increases the chances of an accident or illness. Carry the Stay Healthy Amulet Feng Shui Keychain to ward against disease. you will find it easy next month, but your health should be the primary concern now. Take all COVID-19 precautions seriously with the #2 star flying around you. Collaborate with others and stay away from undertakings that deplete your vitality. Concentrate on current initiatives and put off starting new ones for the time being.

To make the most of your other fortunate indicators, place a Feng Shui Wu Lou with Joyous Cranes in the NW. Put a smile on the faces of those who work with or for you by being generous. When things don't go your way, don't become irritated; there's still time to make things right. Dogs should communicate to their spouses or friends about what is upsetting them since it will help to relieve the stress and deepen the bond. This month, single dogs should expect to find love.

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Friendship is more important than ever for student dogs. Create alliances and assist your friends in whatever manner you can, since this will benefit you in the long run. Carry the Four Friends Talisman Feng Shui Keychain. You're prone to mishaps, so stay away from workmanship and do-it-yourself projects, and be extra cautious.


3rd Month (5th-Apr to 5th-May 2022)
DOG's Monthly Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

Victory Star #1 lands in your sector this month, bringing with it new possibilities. It also combines with the #6 star to make a special Ho Tu Combination. A Big Auspicious Star coming from the direction of the Rooster is a good sign for dogs, so if a Rooster presents an opportunity to you, pay attention. Carry Ho Tu Enhancer Keychain to maximize this month's luck. Luck is on your side when it comes to making big changes in your life, so follow your gut. Make a thorough assessment of the situation before moving forward. Placing the New Victory Feng Shui Banner on your desk will attract winning energies to all your endeavors.

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As your company grows, put your leadership abilities to the test by overseeing your employees' work. Rewards are slated to double this month, so be sure to carry out your goals, particularly those that need a longer period. This month, take advantage of the spike in your brand's visibility and awareness to boost sales and market share.

Taking things slowly and spending time with yourself might help you discover a partner as well as rejuvenate you. You may need to make some adjustments at home, but remember that this is all for the best. Dogs in their teenage years go into "success mode," which allows them to reach whatever position they choose via hard work and dedication.


4th Month (6th-May to 5th-Jun 2022)
DOG's Monthly Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

This month, a flurry of activity as the #9 star amplifies Heaven Luck and opens up several doors. Take heed to your inner voice and follow your intuition. Carry the Big Auspicious Amulet Feng Shui Keychain to benefit from all of this month's good blessings. As you advance in your job, take on more responsibility since working comes naturally. It's crucial to operate as a team, and having the help of others will be quite beneficial.

This month is better for preparing than implementing in business, so put off signing agreements or contracts until next month. Develop business relationships and make long-term strategies. Going with the flow and networking with the appropriate people can open new chances this month. Admirers will surround those looking for soulmates, so take your time. If you're hesitant, don't hurry since your luck works best when nothing holds you back.

As a Student Dog, the #9 star increases your popularity among classmates and instructors. Getting a solid grade on your first test can pave the way for subsequent exams since success breeds success.

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5th Month (6th-June to 6th-July 2022)
DOG's Monthly Luck Rating – FINGERS CROSSED


6th Month (7th-July to 7th-Aug 2022)
DOG's Monthly Luck Rating – FINGERS CROSSED


7th Month (8th-August to 7th-September 2022)
DOG's Monthly Luck Rating – FINGERS CROSSED


8th Month (8th-September to 7th-October 2022)
DOG's Monthly Luck Rating – FINGERS CROSSED


9th Month (8th-October to 6th-November 2022)
DOG's Monthly Luck Rating – FINGERS CROSSED


10th Month (7th-November to 6th-December 2022)
DOG's Monthly Luck Rating – FINGERS CROSSED


11th Month (7th-December 2022 to 5th-January 2022)
DOG's Monthly Luck Rating – FINGERS CROSSED


12th Month (6th-January to 3rd-February 2023)
DOG's Monthly Luck Rating – FINGERS CROSSED




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